Why are skunks nocturnal?

Nocturnal are animals that are active during the night. Skunks are active during the night. During the day skunks are always in their dens and they don t have to go looking for food as they had the whole night to do so. Due to being active at night most of the time, skunks hate light. They can never go to a place with a lot of light and if they do, they must be in a situation where they had to but unwillingly. They are seen during the day if their food spot can is available only during the day or when they are frightened out of their dens during the day. With all these, it makes skunks only seen during the night. 

Why they are active during the night.
Skunks have some adaptations that make them only active for some reason. To skunks, they think it Is safe to work during the night for some reason. The white stripe on skunks helps them for security reasons. When the other animals see the white stripe they can know that the skunk is around and they have to go away from it in fear of its praying. At night they can enjoy the time advantage as they can be seen from a far distance in total darkness. The other thing that makes skunks nocturnal is that they believe that during the night most of their predators are asleep so they have some freedom to move around. Skunks feed on worms and some other small rodents that in most of the time find their way on ground surfaces at night. During the nights, skunks can get food without much struggle.  Skunks in most cases may stay in people's houses, under this case people are asleep during the night and that gives them the advantage to move around the house at night without being seen as compared to if they could do it during the day. Like other nocturnal animals, skunks have very good eyesight. This is even better during the night. They are shy and intelligent animals that make them not likely to be seen during the day due to their shyness nature.

Nature will in most cases dictate how we do our things, physical appearance too. For a skunk, its nature of being shy and some of the physical appearance make it prefer being active at night as opposed during the day.

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